Organic fabrics are produced from the beginning of the production process from plant growing for fibre production to final fabric (including protection during transport) without using chemicals or only the minimum use of harmless chemicals.
The production process of individual producers are followed and checked (inspected) by international companies which issue (give) certification as well.
We use organic cotton with certification GOTS which is fairtrade as well. We use woven cotten and knitted fabric, knitted fabric in two variants, 100% organic cotton or with the additive elastan. Woven cotton is producted by an original weaving loom, so it is very often interesting in its structure.
Fabrics are high quality, because they are not damaged by chemicals and by that they are very pleasant to touch and harmless so suitable for people with allergies..
Maintaining the knitted fabrics is not complicated (demanding), fabric is not creased too much, some of it does not need ironing, some of it needs only a gentle iron.
Dresses from woven fabrics should be straightened by hand before being put on a hanger to dry then ironed with steaming iron. If you follow this procedure the ironing is not difficult.
To maintain the quality and durability of the clothing use natural or at least eco-friendly detergents. Ordinary detergents destroy every fiber and natural properties of organic materials deteriorate immediately.
Symbols of maintenance: